Teaching online…

Oh dear… how I wish this would be as simple as that. You turn on your camera and create an environment of learning and fun…

However from my view point not every teacher is able to do so. Many of us have different attitude and goal towards teaching and how we wish to accomplish it. What I have found about myself is, that I’m not very prone to it. Whether it’s the unclear communication (literally, the wifi sucks), or the inability to walk around the person and try adjust the movement in a custom manner, to have the sensitivity to say something discretely etc.

With having said that, I miss teaching terribly. I miss the people, to see their achievements, progressions. Beyond that it was even harder without having the ability to dance socially. I see this dance not as a classroom/studio dance and therefor probably have the big disconnect between setting up my own online courses and the inability to dance socially.

Writing this down is only the aspect I project on myself, because despite this self opinion, I am hugely thankful to the people who do teach online, organise community concerts, DJ and mostly to the people that find the importance of educating others on racism, bias and cultural appropriation generally and within the dance communities.

Stay healthy everyone!

Looking forward to better times, when we can meet again…

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