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At the moment the classes are not on.

As soon as I will restart the courses, I will update the location and hours of the courses.

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In this class you’ll continue to improve and expand the techniques you learned in the beginner level track, to transform from “textbook dancing” to creative dancing, deepen your musicality, and enhance your partnered connection.

This class is also suitable if you have previous Blues dance experience and a strong grasp for the concepts, that are taught in the beginner track. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact and you’ll you find your spot.

***Please sign up with Partners, if you don’t have a partner PM me.

Beginner Track

Unlike many dances, Blues dancing is defined by its’ aesthetic of movement and not the amount of steps you know.

In this class you’ll learn the foundation on which you can build and develop your Blues dancing. This is a 3-month track, and in each month we will focus on one of the foundation pillars – pendulum, alignments, and musicality. As you go through the track you’ll be able to practice these pillars in a solo and a partnered context.

***Please sign up with Partners, if you don’t have a partner PM me.

Contact for more info and registration

This is a 3 month program.

Duration of class: 55 min


Per month- 1 weekly class~ 40€,

Per three months- 1 weekly class~ 100€

  • Students from the advanced track are welcome to stay for the beginner track, in order to practice the opposite dance rolls charge free!

About Blues Dancing:

Blues Dancing is a family of historical dances, that developed alongside and were danced to blues music. As the variety of Blues music is great, so are the styles of dance.

Originating from African movement and Tribal Dance, passed down through generations were revised, recombined, and given new flourishes as the music changed so did the movement, but keeping similar elements marks the African-­American dance vocabulary.

The Dance started from solo movement (Tribal Dance), but with time, influenced by surroundings and copying the white dancers, evolved as a couples dance. Today danced in full body contact allowing people to enjoy the dance from the most basic form and up to the most “Peacocking” moves.

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